Psiloritis Caves
Mt. Psiloritis is characterized by numerous caves of a great variety. There are endless networks of cave-gorges and underground water ways, hundreds of caves and cavities encountered throughout the mountainous mass. This is where 'Tafkoura' the third deepest and longest cave-gorge in Greece is located: it is 860 meters deep and there are more than six and a half kilometers of corridors within it. Some of the deepest similar formations in the country are also found here: 'Tafkos sta Petradolakia' (Petradolakia grave)(-475m), 'Diplotafki' (Double grave) (-400m), 'Koritsi' (the Maiden) (-223m), which are present-day networks of flowing waters feeding the largest water sources along the northern shores of the Prefecture of Irakleion.
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